Certified True Copy

Certified True Copy – A Certified True Copy is an authorized person (such as a certified copy of a document certified by a CPA) that is a true copy of the original. A certified copy is a copy (usually a photocopy) of a primary document with an endorsement or certification that it is a true copy of the primary document. It certifies that it is a true copy of the master document.

All departments have strict procedures for administrative examination and approval, and have certain standards and requirements for submitted documents. Some department / government require the submitted copy of the document to be a “Certified Copy/Certified Copy – Certified True Copy" to prove that it was reproduced from the original copy of the document. Certified copies are often used to:

  • Set up an bank account
  • Buy property
  • Form a registered offshore company
  • Apply for overseas immigration
  • Apply to study abroad

 3 major service guarantees for certification include:

  • Write down a copy of the document with the stamp of V CPA Limited “Certified Copy" and signed by a certified public accountant in Hong Kong.
  • Certification issued by V CPA Limited to certify the relevant certification documents and certified public accountants in Hong Kong.
  • We will continue to follow up and provide assistance so that customers can submit relevant certification documents.

For the convenience of customers, we can provide “Urgent" certified copy service at the same cost of HK$ 500 per document. If “Urgent" is required, please upload the documents and proof of payment directly. After one hour, you can collect the “original document" at our office. Return the certified copy, if you have any questions, please call 3709 3334 / 3705 3492.

*If you are in “overseas", based on the epidemic situation, we can provide “remote certified copy service", please upload the “video" of the original document and the copy of the relevant documents, we will express it to you after verification, An additional HK$ 100 courier fee is required.

Customers can fill in the following information and make an appointment to pick up the certified copy at our office:

The certified copy service can be paid on the spot. The payment method can be made by bank transfer / FPS / Payme / cash. The fee is HK$ 500 per document. If you have any questions, please call 3705 3492.

Bank Transfer / FPS / Payme

Receiving Bank: HSBC The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Receiving Bank Code: 004
Beneficiary Account Name: V CPA LIMITED
Receiving Account Number: 747 033 678 838

FPS Faster Payment Transfer (FPS) Receipt Information:
FPS ID: 163371743
FPS Email: service@hkvcpa.com

HSBC Payme

Questions about certified copies:

1. What is a certified copy?

Explanation of “Certified Copy": A “Certified Copy" is a certified copy of an original document by a third-party professional to certify that the duplicated document is a true copy. A certified copy only means that the copy is a reproduction of the original document, but does not mean that the contents of the document are true.

2. What procedures are required for a certified copy?

Only a designated qualified professional (i.e., the “CPA") can provide a certified copy service for a document suitable for commercial operations. At the same time, the format of the certified copy must also meet the specified requirements: the Certifier must Signed and dated copy (with full name clearly printed below the signature), clearly indicating his/her position. The certifier must also clearly indicate (or a sentence of similar meaning) that the copy is a true copy and indicate the number of pages, and witness the signature of the person concerned on the document.

Customers can call 3705 3492 to make an appointment and bring the original certified documents to our office at the designated time. The certified documents can be retrieved immediately after payment.

3. Common uses?

Apply for an account with a Hong Kong/Overseas bank When applying for a business account, banks in Hong Kong will require the applicant to submit copies of documents, which must be certified “Certified Copies". Generally, banks require the following documents to be “certified copies": Company Registration Documents: Certificate of Incorporation (CI), Business Registration Certificate (BR) Identification Documents of Company Members: ID Card, Passport, Address Proof Business Proof: Sales Contract, Bank Statement For personal accounts, banks generally require important documents for applicants such as: identification documents, address proof and bank records

  1. How long will the certified copy be used?

Most financial institutions and governments are generally willing to accept certified copies within 3 months. Each institution has its own specific requirements. If in doubt, it is best to check the relevant requirements first.

  1. Does it meet statutory requirements?

V CPA Limited is a certified certified public accountant and can provide certified copies, while Hong Kong companies, local governments, financial institutions, and banks mostly accept certified copies of the firm. We also provide 3 major certification service guarantees. In addition to certain standards and requirements for the submitted documents, we will continue to follow up and provide assistance so that customers can submit relevant certification documents.

###Certified True Copy (Certified True Copy), Notarization, Certified Copy Certified True Copies “Certified Copy" is a document certified by a chartered person (such as a certified public accountant) or agency as a true copy of the original. For certain applications or reviews, such as bank account opening, overseas immigration and overseas study applications, there are certain standards and requirements for the submitted documents. Generally, the copies of documents submitted must be certified copies. Services include: Stamping with certified copies of documents with the signature of a certified public accountant, including the signature of a certified copy of a Hong Kong/UK/Australia accountant, to help you buy property and open an account in UK/Australia. #Barclays #HSBC UK #Lloyds Bank #Natwest Bank #Santander #ACCA #ACA #CPA #Chartered accountant #Certify passport #Certify documentBarclaysBank #HongKong #Instantcertify #BNO #Certified True Copy